Families Of Recently Widowed And Recently Divorced

Forward Family Foundation will help with the betterment of society by working with families and children going through a divorce or loss of a spouse.

Application to qualify for distribution of funds
From Forward Family Foundation

Forward Family Foundation stands for Families of Recently Widowed and Recently Divorced.   The Foundation’s purpose is to help parents that are in financial need only! Please consider this when applying for funds. We are a fairly new organization, so currently funds are very limited. We are a 501(3)(c) organization and recognized by the government. What this means is that any donation that is given to the Foundation, can be a tax write off to you (donator) with hopes to get bigger donation amounts!
 We are a registered non-profit with the State Of New Hampshire. If you do qualify and funds are not readily available, you will be put on a list and notified as soon as possible. For more information on applying, please email us at ForwardFamilyFoundation@gmail.com

Criteria for Support:

  • All of the following situations that apply to each individual circumstance; will need to be met, to be considered for funds.
  • Allocation of funds will be determined on a case-by-case basis and reviewed by the board. This is a one-time distribution of funds. There is no age requirement and no discrimination of race or color.
  •  These funds will come exclusively from the donations that are received by Forward Family Foundation. The amounts will be distributed either by gift cards, gift certificates, gift baskets, or donation of services given to the organization for distribution.
  •  Please note that all and any fund are not transferable
  • Single parent can be a Female or Male.
  • Divorced or Widowed.

  • Need to have at least one child. (Biological, stepchild, adopted, legal custody, guardianship, or proof of pregnancy).
  • The child(ren) must be under the age of 16. Must show proof of birth certificate for each child in family.
  • Marriage Certificate proving marriage of at least 2 years or more for the reason of a healthy environment.
  • Legal divorce decree and or death certificate.
  • For widowed, is there a current life insurance policy in place
  • Proof of income through your tax document and child support (if applies) needs to be under $30,000.
  • Single parent is not already enrolled in a State Welfare Program.
  •  All paperwork and tax documentation is kept in confidentiality and not shared with anyone outside of the Foundation.