Families Of Recently Widowed And Recently Divorced

Forward Family Foundation will help with the betterment of society by working with families and children going through a divorce or loss of a spouse.


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Recommended Reading for Books on Divorce

American Girl Library Help! A Girls guide to Divorce and Stepfamilies by Nancy Holyoke

This is a great book for girls from Mid-Elementary to Early Jr. High School age. This book talks about emotions girls have during the split up of parents. It discusses one girl, two homes, step parents and step families. The book is very easy to understand with practical concepts.

When my Parents forgot how to be friends. By Jennifer Moore-Mallinos.

This is a great picture book for a girl or boy. Basic easy reader from about Preschool to Elementary School age. This is an ideal book for a parent to read to a child. This book also acknowledges a child’s concerns and anxieties during and after the divorce.

What about the Kids? Raising Your Children “Before, During and after Divorce”. By Judith S. Wallerstein and Sandra Blakeslee.

Excellent book! A must read. This book is very helpful and informative. It breaks down the breakup, parent to part, post-divorce family, second marriage, and conversations of a lifetime. This book is good for all ages, very detailed oriented.

The Divorce help book for Kids by Cynthia MacGregor.

This book is very easy to understand with basic concepts. Deals with emotions and feelings of divorce, Important “stuff” to remember and visiting with Mom and Dad. This book has a great glossary of terms in the back of the book, i.e.: what “big words mean”. It also has a wonderful resource section in the back of the book that is also very helpful.

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